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Expanded Prime Switch Family with Ultra-Reliable Press Pack IGBT

Infineon Technologies Bipolar GmbH & Co. KG expands the high-power Prime Switch family with the new Press Pack IGBT (PPI) with internal freewheeling diodes (FWD) in Ceramic Disc Housings. This PPI is specifically designed for transmission and distribution applications and is ideal for high current Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC), medium voltage drives, DC breakers, wind turbine converters and traction systems.

Expanded Prime Switch Family with Ultra-Reliable Press Pack IGBT

The Prime Switch IGBT features a blocking voltage of 4.5 kV at 3000 A without FWD and 2000 A with FWD. Fitting to the 3000 A PPI, Infineon offers external freewheeling diodes in four different silicon diameters: D1600U45X122, D2700U45X122, D3900U45X172 and D4600U45X172. The leading high-voltage IGBT chip trench technology combined with high-reliable press-pack technology, proven in the field for more than 40 years, provides customers with an excellent, high-performance solution for ultra-high power applications. In addition, the devices open up new opportunities to optimize high-power applications in terms of losses, reliability and cost.

The PPI-housing is hermetically sealed and specifically designed to withstand system-induced failures. In this way, the PPI provides an extremely robust break resistance of the housing in addition to a “short-on-fail” feature. In order to cover numerous applications and power ranges, the innovative design of internal chip-stack and housing enables Infineon to create a perfect fitting portfolio with different current values and topologies.


The Prime Switch IGBT can be ordered now. The next portfolio expansion of the new Prime Switch family is expected in mid/late 2022. More Infineon IGBT Module information is available here.


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